Roots Creative

Photo / Video / Design with soul

We believe in you. The spark that marked the start... the place where it all began... take us there, and we will map the journey so that others may follow. Back to the soul. Back to the ROOT. You don't need sparkle. We will never choose a gimmick over authenticity. Because the truth is we like you, and when people know you like we do, they will too.




A picture tells the truth. We hope that after viewing one of our images you learn something. Maybe you learn that your smile is more beautiful than you could have imagined, or that your product is truly worth selling. Whatever it is, let us show you why we believe in you.


Graphic Design

Words are powerful, but equally important is the way they are laid out. Good design attracts clients, conveys strong messages, and represents the “face” of your business. We specialize in graphics for web, print, digital publishing, and iPad.



Movement brings ideas to life. Animation, motion-graphics, and special effects enhance a thought and help the viewer enter into your world. If you need to break down a complex topic, explain rationale, or enhance a lack-luster video give us a holler.

web copy


We are digital natives. HTML & CSS,  are our love languages. Let us speak to your clients in user-friendly Wordpress sites, HTML emails, or whatever internet medium you desire. Not only can we create these things for you, but we are happy to consult you in the process.